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Harrelton the Hidden Gem

Harrelton the Hidden Gem

It's been awhile, I know!  A lot has happened good and bad with this amazing project.  We had a rough start, but nothing holds me back, I always fight through and get what I want!  This home has kicked my ass, but I'm stronger for it.  The renovation has come together beautifully, I gave it a transitional look, and kept many of the original features.  My contractor was very surprised with my cabinet and trim choices.  He is used to my feminine touches and elaborate tile and wood work.  But with this home I wanted to show another side of me and and my style.  I am not restricted to what I put into my own home, I always listen to the house and make sure I stay true with what it wants and should have.  Like my previous post I said this home would be Ralph Lauren inspired.  Not 1990 Ralph Lauren, but a modern spin on a classic look.

The DESIGN!  I can't get enough of Navy!  Navy Navy Navy! Not only is it a trendy color right now, buts its a timeless color that never fades.  I feel the color Navy is an all American inspired color that has been used in American designs for centuries.  I put touches of Navy in the foyer, Kitchen and will use many Navy accents when I stage. 

The Island!  This island couldn't be more perfect.  I used one of my favorite Navy's, Naval from Sherwin Williams.



 This color has the perfect amount of rich blue without being to dark or too bright.  I mixed it with a custom stain color made by my cabinet maker, Honey Manor.  Sorry folks its not in stores, it's exclusively through yours truly.  When I was designing the island I knew I needed two contrasting colors to better show off the detail.  I wanted to emphasize the end caps and make the circular design pop.  I also knew I wanted to incorporate the chevron pattern throughout the house.  I like the chevron pattern when trying to give a modern twist to a traditional style.  I feel like the chevron pattern is a modern take on herringbone.  Which if you know me you know I love me some herringbone.  Chevron can get a little busy so I put it on the back side of the island with a stain. 





I also put it on the pantry door to give it more eye appeal.


 The door turned out amazing!  Back to the island, I used Naval on the cabinets and end caps.  I paired it with Minuet Quartz countertops.

There is nothing prettier than navy and champagne or brass, they compliment each other beautifully.  Some people think the whole brass comeback will be short lived.  I say it will not!  The different color variations of brass and gold are so amazing and timeless, especially the muted, antiqued or champagne variety.  As a matter of fact I'm switching my hardware and faucets to an antiqued brass sometime.  They go with everything, modern, vintage, transitional and traditional.  I used champagne lighting fixtures, hardware and faucets. This island is modern and traditional wrapped in a navy bow, perfection!

I went with a basic shaker cabinet to keep it simple.  I had a lot of design details that needed to stand out.  I used my favorite white, Alabaster.

 This white isn't too bright and it isn't too creamy, it's just right.  I almost always use it when using white on anything. The white cabinets were paired with a simple shiplap wrapped stained hood.

 I love the simplicity to this hood, yet it still is a great feature in this kitchen.  On the pantry wall I added a small cabinet with custom crate like drawers for dry goods and bread.

 It's a great way to store your food without having it on your counter, plus it looks awesome.  On the back wall I am using a beveled white subway tile and a decorative blue and white tile over the stove.

 We haven't tiled yet, but I'll post pictures as soon as it's finished. The walls were painted one of my favorite grey's, San Antonio.

We are so close, I will be posting more pics next week. 

The family room was dramatically changed with a lot of paint and new wood floors.  I matched the original wood floor that was hiding under hideous linoleum and 70's carpet.  We are staining it a  med/dark color to give contrast to the kitchen island.  I added carsiding to the ceiling and painted it white and added crown throughout.  To merge the kitchen and family room together I added a matching wine hutch.  This is a great place to put food  and cocktails when having a party.  The walls were painted in San Antonio grey as well since this room is open to the kitchen.  There is a very large brick fireplace that is a huge eye sore due to the brick color and honey colored mantel.  




I painted the brick white, the mantel kendall charcoal and laid an ornate cement tile on the hearth.  


This space has beautiful windows looking out to the large tranquil yard, I will be staging this as the main living area/family room.  What a great space to entertain or just relax and enjoy the home.

Ok ladies and gents let's move on to the Foyer and half bath.  When you entered the home previous to me taking over, it was very creamy!  There was cream colored wall paper and cream colored trim everywhere!  We brightened up with Stonington Grey paint.

  I  painted all trim and sidelights in Alabaster to brighten the dark room up.  Stonington is a beautiful light grey that is very calming and neutral, it goes with everything.  I decided to change out the dated brass light fixture with an update champagne lantern fixture.   I will be posting pictures of the lighting and furniture with sources once the renovation is finished. By going neutral on the walls it gave me the chance to go bold on the front door.  I choose naval again for the door, I like that it connects the Foyer and kitchen together.  This front door is everything!  You will have to wait for the door when I  am finished with the stairs.  Here is a before pic to keep you wondering.


Beyond the foyer is the half bath, it is the first room you see when entering the home.  This was a horrifying sight!  Literally horrifying, check it out.

My girls called it the creepy doll room and would make me go with them every time they used the bathroom.  I mean head to toe creepy doll wallpaper.  I remember thinking if I was really drunk this wallpaper would make me spin!  Obviously the wall paper was the first thing to go.  I added carsiding on the ceiling and half way up the walls in Alabaster.  The upper walls were painted in Stonington grey and I accented the bathroom with an Amish made vanity in the color Winter Gates.





 Let me clarify, all my cabinets are always made by the Amish.  I have a a great cabinet maker I use on all of my jobs, flips or design jobs I do for clients.  They are handmade and designed to exactly what you want. When working with the Amish, you need patience and a good established relationship.  I have had nothing but success with all of the cabinets I have had made.  Below are my kitchen cabinets, Amish and beautiful.

Finally we will visit the formal living room.  This room is huge and absolutely beautiful, at least now it is.  Starting off it was a light lime green, everywhere, walls, built-ins, ceilings and mantel.  It was as bad as the creepy doll bathroom.  There were no lights and a very dated , but not original mantel.  I painted the walls San Antonio Grey, the same color as the kitchen walls.  All built-ins, moldings and mantel in Alabaster white.  I had my cabinet maker create a new updated, yet classic mantel in Alabaster white.  I then had my carpenter, Mike, put car siding and trim on the upper wall of the mantel to frame it out.  I think it turned out perfect!  




The floors were covered in old carpet, but again the beautiful original wood floors were perfectly kept underneath.  Thank you 1970's carpet for preserving these amazing floors.  I am staging this room as the formal living space so you can show off your fancy!  The room you want all of your expensive furniture you don't want your kids to touch.  This will be a fun room to decorate, I can't wait.

That's it for now, I'll post more of the home soon.  Remember we are listing this Harrelton in a few weeks.  If you are interested please contact Ken Haynie 812-760-4047, kenhaynie@fcte.com, or email me at hilary@vintageforwarddesigns.com

Scarlet wants to buy this house, so I asked her for her best offer!  She gave me a dollar, love this girl.


Please remember we are still renovating, this is just an update so the pics are showing the process and we are obviously not finished.  I had to take the pics as is, since my crew is actively working.

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