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Modern Farm House

Modern Farm House

7300 Olive, undoubtedly the ugliest house in the neighborhood!  I know I said Harrelton would be my biggest transformation, but I was wrong.  Olive has zero curb appeal, it looks like a dated apartment building.  It is boxy and has no detail and lacks character.  The brick color is ugly and the balcony is boring and dull.  Good thing for us, it's in one of the best neighborhoods in Evansville and I can see past all of the imperfections.

I am giving this house a complete face lift!  New porch, painting the brick, new fronts doors, and possibley large farmhouse shutters.  Here  are my insperation pictures.  Obviously it wont be exactly the same since I'm creating my own design.

First, we are taking down the front porch and creating a Modern Farmhouse.  The exterior trim on the house is rough cut cedar so going with this look, is perfect.  I am still keeping with a 2 story porch, but we are adding character and style to this sad house.  The picture below shows beautiful stained columns.  We are incorporating similar columns as the picture below.  They will be stained and beautiful.  We will have them on the top and bottom level of the porch.

I will also add a balcony, but a beautiful one!  I love the X detail of the balcony below, it's simple yet adds character.

The lower level of the porch will have corbels, that give this house that Modern Farmhouse look. 

The dated 1970's double doors will be repalced with partial glass doors.  I will add some sort of large lantern type of exterior sconce to draw the eye to the entry.


Of course I will be painting the brick my go to white, Alabaster.  It is my favorite neutral white.  I have tried using other whites, and I always go back to my trusty Alabaster.  I will also paint the casings and trim Alabaster.  Yes, I am doing white on white!  I am adding color in other areas and the Farmhouse look is typically white on white.

I would like to add tall shutters to the front windows.  Since I am doing a white on white, I think this will frame the windows beautifully. 

So there it is friends, the Olive exterior plans.  We are working hard on the inside right now and plan on taking on the exterior in the coming months.  Stay tuned for my amazing kitchen plans.  I'll be posting more blog posts now that I'm feeling better and my back is healing.  Thanks for following and supporting my dream and my passion for design.  If you are wanting a remodel design you can contact me at www.hilary@vintageforwarddesigns.com or check out my website and some of my work.  You can also follow my facebook page, California Girl in an Indiana World.