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Winter Whip Salted Caramel  Martini

Winter Whip Salted Caramel Martini

The Winter Whip Salted Caramel Martini is a mouthful to say, I like to call it Mommy's Milk.   When the kids ask if they can have some, I just tell them no it's mommys milk and no kids allowed!  This drink has got me through many of long nights with the kids and just life itself.

I posted a picture of this martini recently and thought I would share the super simple recipe.  It's the perfect winter cocktail, it also serves as a great dessert drink.

You need a bottle of RumChata and a bottle of Whipped Cream vodka


You add 2 shots RumChata and one shot Whipped cream vodka and shake!

You can't have a whipped salted caramel martini without the caramel and salt!   

Drizzle the glass with the caramel and dip it in the salt.  I like my salt a little chunky for these type of drinks.

Now just pour the mixture in and wala, your done!  Enjoy your drink, Cheers.

Minty Raspberry Twist

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